Конвертирование файлов G711 в WAV Linux

Howto:Convert G711 files in to WAV files

This article describes how to convert G711 files recorded by innovaphone devices to WAV files.

Applies To

G711A and G711U files created by innovaphone devices.

More Information

Problem Details

The G711 files created by innovaphone devices (WEBMEDIA) are header-less raw PCM files. To be able to play this files on most audio players, you will need to convert them into WAV files. This can be done using open source audio file converter SoX.


The SoX – Sound eXchange is an open source (GPL) tool. Download and install it.

Here an example using SoX to convert a RAW G711A file to PCM ALAW WAV file:

sox --channels 1 --type raw --rate 8000 -A input_file.g711a output_file.wav

For G711U files replace the parameter -A with -U.

If you must convert big amount of files, try the DOS batch script in the download section.

Newer versions of sox need another syntax, like this:

sox --channels 1 --type raw --rate 8000 -e a-law input_file.g711a output_file.wav

Known Problems

The output file name extension must be .wav, otherwise SoX can not detect output file format.

    1. Download SoX executable for Win32 from sourceforge.net)
    2. http://download.innovaphone.com/ice/wiki-src#G711toWAV – download a script for drag and drop batch conversion of G711 files to WAV files.
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