Asterisk Microsoft Lync Integration configuration Elastix Trixbox FreePBX

The other day I decided to integrate Elastix with Microsoft Lync. Below are the steps involved. I assumes you know how to install Lync and Asterisk (trixbox, elastix, PBXinaflash). I have a Lync extension with 3015 and an Asterisk extension 205

The first step is to create a SIP trunk with TCP support. My favorite distro is Elastix. Add the following to your sip_general_custom.conf file

elastix*CLI> nano /etc/asterisk/sip_general_custom.conf

Add the following:


Save your work cntrl-shift-O
Go back into elastix or freepbx
create a sip trunk with the following:

host= (IP address of Lync)

create and outbound route to lync. In my case 30XX for extension 3015

This is all you have to do on the Asterisk Side

On the Lync side go into your topology editor and add the IP address of your asterisk server to PSTN gateway. Do forget to add the PSTN gateway to you mediation server. = Vicidial = Elastix = Sip trunk provider

You not have to create a dial plan in Lync
Under the default dial plan


I’m dialing extension 205 so add the following normalization rull ^(2\d{2})$ this should allow me to dial 2XX
Next under voice policy

Next under route

Under PSTN usuage

That should be it. You should be able to dial between systems.